The Woodman Views Dentistry

Moving to a new town can be unnerving. There are so many new things to have to learn, from
how to find the grocery store and post office to where the school is the kids will transfer to.
Colorado Springs is a good-sized town, and it takes a while to learn you way around.
One of the most challenging things when moving to a new location is changing doctors. Many
times our relationships with our doctors and dentists are long term. We have built trust and
confidence in their care for our whole family, and finding a new “someone” we like, can
communicate with, and especially, makes our children feel safe and comfortable, can be
difficult. Often you have to hunt for a doctor or dentist that takes the type of health or dental
insurance and plan you have, and then you have to see if they are accepting new patients. It is
one of the more unpleasant and unnerving things about moving to a new town, because it
makes you feel vulnerable as well as your whole family.
We understand. We have been in your shoes and know the feelings associated with having to
trust your health and that of your children to new professionals. That is why we strive to make
every experience a pleasant, supportive one here at Woodman Views Dentistry in Colorado

Too many dental practices take very limited insurance or require you to take your under age
children elsewhere for dental treatment. That is not the case at Woodman Views Dentistry. We
treat the whole family. We believe in gentle, proactive dental care for the whole family. Our
years of experience and continued education have a proven track record to provide a wide
range of comprehensive services for all ages. We believe preventive maintenance for dental
hygiene is very important, not only to your teeth but your overall health.
We know that dental work is scary, especially to patients that are sensitive to dental work, have
had a bad experience, or are young and unaccustomed to having anyone mess around in their
mouth. Each patient is treated with patience and respect in our practice, and we work very hard
to provide the kind of care and alternative treatments that make the experience of going to the
dentist a comfortable one.
Woodman Views Dentistry in Colorado Springs is a full service dental location. Besides regular
checkups, cleanings, and filings, we offer whitening, implants, specialty dentures, bonding,
crowns and bridges, veneers, and Invisalign to straighten teeth. There are options, too, within
some categories that may be more cost effective, cosmetically pleasing, or structurally
recommended. When we do our examinations, we make notes and will discuss all options with

you for your treatment, because we believe dental work should have no surprises along the
Some patients find themselves with a dental emergency, and need a dentist fast without waiting
for an appointment. Woodman Views Dentistry knows that life happens. When a tooth is
damaged, dislodged, or otherwise injured, it is important to see a dentist as quickly as possible
to hopefully be able to save the tooth. We have an emergency dental service as close as your
phone to help you with these emergency issues. We also have a financing program we can share
with you, as dental emergencies never happen at a good time. Give us a call and see how we can
Our initial consultations are free and you can schedule them online, as well as scheduling for
appointments. Welcome to Colorado Springs! We would love to be your new dentist in town.