Does anyone out there grow their own food? Now is the time to find great deals on plant pots, composter materials, and other plant containers among other things. Bargain hunting is something that has become a hobby for me and my fiancee, we're addicted to finding deals. We really hate to buy anything that is not at considerable savings.

Here are a few tips to save on gardening:
- Plan ahead - know what projects you really want to accomplish next year
- Make sure you check Craig's list for people clearing out their garages (especially during winter)
- search for online sites trying to sell last year's items
- buy in bulk. You can always sell them yourself to other gardeners through Craig's list or other similar sites or give them away to your gardening friends!

There's nothing like spring hitting and being able to dig out all the gardening accessories you were able to acquire during the winter at bargain prices.

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