Josh Dorf, who owns the Stone-Buhr flour brand, runs FindtheFarmer, which enables buyers to enter a code from their bag of flour and find the organic family farmers who produced it.

While the thrust of the NYT story was how even mass producers can behave as locals, it resonated with me as a former 4-H member whose grandparents farmed. Spending most weekends on the farm taught me the interconnectedness of all things. I didn’t have to learn about environmental cause and effect from a book; I saw it in the ebb and flow of daily life.

While I did my share of stupid things as a kid, spending so much time in nature kept me out of a lot of the trouble that my school peers fell into for lack of something better to do. I can think of no better way to grow up.

As I’ve written here before, there must be ways for us to blend the best of old and new capitalism. Great start, Mr. Dorf.

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