Cuban Cigars originate from Cuba. There are lots of things you'll find fascinating Cuba and what it is famous for. It is a small island that is located just few hundred miles away from the Florida coast. It is mostly famous for its rum, dancing and women.

Cuba is very famous for its world-wide famous cigars. They are considered to be the best as well as expensive ones. They have become a style icon as well and these have also been labelled as the forbidden fruit; it is because of their unique flavor which you won't get anywhere else. All the production is carefully controlled by the government. These are made up from tobacco, wrappers grown and fillers; being manufactured in Cuba only. One unique fact about is that they are hand-rolled. These hand-rolling is done by the masters in this field; also known as the torcedores and they are highly respected. It is, to an extent, illegal to use in the United States of America.

CUBAN CIGARS are so famous that even many non-cigar smokers know it or at least have heard of it. It is always been regarded as the finest and the most tasting brands available world wide. Another reason why they are so famous is that it is really hard to get them. Solo offer an extremely good market for the purpose of importing and exporting it to hardcore cigar lovers worldwide. Today, there are various brands of available like Montecristos and Coronas Especiales. As mentioned earlier, its distribution in the US is illegal to some extent; however, there is currently no outright law that forbids their presence in the United States. Recently, the embargo on the Cuban products were altered by the Department of Justice; making it allowable to bring some amount of it from Cuba visit; which is approximately two boxes and that's for personal use only. There are various private hotels and casinos or bars where they are sold and they have been working in this way with almost no or very little problems over the recent years.

If you are a Cigar lover then be aware that in the recent few years, there have been many growing cases of the black marketing of bogus or fake materials. If you know much about cigars, you'll be able to identify those fake Cuban cigars because of their poor quality and above all their poor appearance. However, black marketers are trying to make fake quality that may be cause difficulties in being recognized as fake. If you don't want to be tricked by these then make sure that you buy these Cuban cigars from reliable and authorized dealers only.

If you are a real lover and really interested in trying, regarded as the finest cigars available in the market but if you more concerned about its legal consequences then don't worry; it is not a matter of too much concern. It is allowed to have non-commercial and private use of it and it's been going on for years; moreover, it has also been used by various politicians and showbiz stars as a style statement.

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Sami Alien has done years of research about CUBAN CIGARS. He has great knowledge and tries to help lovers to keep safe from fraud peoples who trying to sell fake cigars. He studied in detail all about CUBAN CIGARS from different resources so that the stuff he write is useful for those who read.

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