I have no idea what I have wandered into. Might as well get some help.

Just email me at Monksdream98@gmail.com and tell me how I am supposed to navigate this website.

By the way, I committed myself to the organic method.

It was serenditous.

The Oasis Turnip hybrid that I ordered the seeds from the Thompson & Morgan company ended up getting the 5 stars rating from David Goforth (a walking encyclopedia guy), the Cabarrus County agent.

The first planting I did was on July 25.

They are adorable as they are subtly declicious.

You can do so much with them. The greens are such a pretty green.

I eat them raw like I would a real radish. It tastes like a radish with a hint of the sweetness.

Will somebody stop me!

Tout de Swing


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Comment by Andy Ciordia on October 4, 2007 at 9:43pm
Hi there David the site is a social stage. As Slow Food Charlotte grows this is the vehicle we're using to communicate with you and everyone else.

The site is an umbrella for foodies, farmers, activism, and chatter for our area. We also keep a growing list of farmers to frequent in our region.

You can do as you have and use the blogging facility to write out your thoughts & memes or start a discussion in a forum to start something more like a dialogue.

If you find meaningful content you bring it back here so that we can all share in it. The site can import a lot of media from your own to Youtube & Google videos; uploading pictures from your phone to flickr.

SFC Online is pretty young in the ways of a social internet but it's forming and time and cultivation makes things grow.

Participation is the key.


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