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Local Food Classes at Customshop

Run - do not walk - to the next cooking class at Customshop! A friend and I went to the Local Fish class this past Saturday and we were blown away. The freshest saltwater fish (from a fisherman named "Rock Stone" - no you can't make that up!) and wonderful preparation and instruction by Chef Trey Wilson. They hand you a mimosa when you arrive and it only gets better over the next four hours!

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TNT Charlotte February

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Article of Pasture Walk at Triple B Farms, Granville County, North Carolina

Pasture Walk at Triple B


Deby Jizi

When I arrived at Triple B Farm in northern Granville County, there was a large turkey eyeballing his reflection in the bumper of a pick-up truck. He would look and then duck, thinking that he had just seen another turkey. I laughed to myself thinking, not the smartest animals on the planet are they? The reason for my visit to Triple B Farm, owned by long-time farmer, Bailey Newton, was to participate in a pasture walk. This one was… Continue

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Raw Pet Milk

I have raw goat milk for pets available in Hickory, NC. Write me for more information.

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I was in Kalamazoo Michigan last month and LOVED this restaurant!! Food Dance serves some local food, as well as cruelty-free eggs and meat raised sustainably. (Cruelty-free is our main requirement for our food in my family, and we use the term to mean no cruelty to animals, workers, or the environment. Of course, health, food quality, food safety, and our local economy are also important considerations). The restaurant is also a big supporter of the local… Continue

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More Recipes

Another delicious dinner tonight. Can anyone tell me what to do with turnip greens? I have never eaten them before, but I know they are edible, so I started to cook up the tops of the turnips we got from Laughing Owl. But they were all prickly! Is that OK? Do the prickles go away as you cook, like with okra? I wasn't sure, so I quit before I started. Just got them rinsed is all. Anway, we had another delicious dinner, again centered on our dry goods (beans and quinoa), with our CSA veggies… Continue

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First CSA Share

Lots of fun at the Tailgate today. Felipe got in his required daily alottment of 4 jillion strawberries, fresh from Bob and Gail's farm, 'N Thyme. (We bought 2 gallons. Hey, get while the gettin's good! We might be the only ones eating strawberry-rhubarb pie in a few months, thanks to our freezer!). I am seriously considering one of those cute little child-size chairs for Felipe, too. And of course, the highlight of the day, we got our first share from our CSA with Laughing Owl Farm. So tonight… Continue

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what's in the boxes

Oh, we're growing chevril, mixed lettuce, nasturtium, purple tomatillo, tarragon, fennel, three kinds of tomatoes, broccoli, dill, round of Hungary pimento pepper, mint and chili relleno pepper.

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gardening at work

The event went well. Rebecca Jepsen, a master gardener with the Growing Connection program (and who tends Google's garden) came in to show us how to use the earth boxes and directed the planting

They've already started harvesting the mint today, to use for the tea that served in the cafe. Not bad after twelve days!

I'll post some photos.

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The Growing Connection in Charlotte tomorrow (April 24)

Just thought I would post Compass tomorrow, The Growing Connection (a project of the of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) will plant its EarthBoxes in Charlotte, NC – a first for the region.

That's the reason we needed some recommendations as to where to purchase organic starter plants. Thanks to everyone who sugggested Windcrest Farm. They were very helpful.

Here's the media advisory that went out...if you're… Continue

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Backyard of Homegrown Security

From a letter to the editor of the Charlotte Observer I wrote in June 2006:

I would like to propose that our citizens, city government and various city news resources take up the issue of national security by first thinking of local security. In the age of the impending dooms of pandemic, global warming, peak oil and world war, it is important to recognize the dependency our lives have on the global economy and to make efforts to reduce that dependency to ensure we are able to endure… Continue

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The Great North Woods

I have returned from my trip to Greenfield, Massachusetts, to visit the facilities of Dan Rosenburg was quite the host and my partner in sauerkraut fermentation, John Helms, and I sampled several recipes from his natural fermentation process.

We also discussed the business side of things. Food is a tough business to make a go of it. Farming it and selling it is one thing. Processing it is something completely different. It requires an entire set of rules and… Continue

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Chef's Best March 24 - web page / more info

More info:

Bank of America Corporate Center & Founders Hall
100 N. Tryon Street
Reception - 6-7:00pm | Dinner - 7-9:00pm
Tickets - $100 per person
Call the Chefs Best Hotline at 704-375-9639, ext. 38

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Chef’s Best – Mon March 24, 2008 -- Founder’s Hall

Hello, I’m involved with Second Harvest locally and wanted to let you all know about this amazing event:

19th Annual Chef's Best Dinner for the Community Rescue program at Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina.

Some of Charlotte's finest chefs will volunteer their time to prepare a gourmet meal to raise awareness and funds to help end hunger.

The dinner includes an Opening Reception sponsored by Harris Teeter with items created by Chef Phil… Continue

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What are your thoughts on Sulfites? I am a wine lover who recently tried several organic wines claiming to have no sulfites. I love red wine, so no NSA is hard to come by...

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good organic/non-sulfite red wine?

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Organic Grower's School - Flat Rock, NC

Okay backyard gardeners! The hands-down best school on gardening is coming up for the 15th year in Flat Rock on March 8th. I went last year and had a great experience. There are several paths you can follow through the day that will help small scale backyard farmers. And - big plus - you meet some great folks! My two big finds last year were fellow-Charlottean Lynn Caldwell (from the Charlotte Tailgate Market) and Imladris Farms' Walter Harrill. Both two terrific people. Walter's session on…


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Canning How-To Videos

A terrific series of videos on the setup and processes required for canning various items can be found at Canning your own food is a great way to eat locally.

There are many good canning videos on and invariably you will be led to individuals or individual websites that give you even more information.

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Carolina Sauerkraut

After nearly three years of becoming more and more involved in the local food movement in the Charlotte area, I have finally found a way to become an active participant versus just being a consumer.

Sauerkraut and other naturally fermented products represent a time honored food preservation technique. Food fermentation is believed to have originated during the construction of the Great Wall of China. Now a variety of fermented products from cabbage to cucumbers are available in the…


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Alice Waters & Mary Ann Esposito

Recently I've published a few articles from the culmination of Alice's visit and the interview with Ciao Italia's Mary Ann Esposito.


Down the Rabbit Hole, Alice in Charlotte

Table Talk with Ciao Italia's Mary Ann Esposito

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