Slow Cooked Pork Hock -n- Gravy

Found Foodie Farm Girl's recipe for pork hocks.

Slow cooked pork hocks:
2tbls olive oil
7c water
Pork hock (preferably farm fresh)
S&P to taste
garlic clove

2c stock
1c cream
3tbls butter
6tbls flour
S&P to taste

Heat and oil pot,
Salt and Pepper pork, brown sides once heated.
Add water,
Rough cut the garlic and add to the pot,
Heat water, season to liking,
Simmer for at least an hour (3 worked for me ;) )

Remove hock, strip meat from fats and set aside.

Fat separate/filter stock, put 2c aside, freeze remaining for another day.

2c stock + 1c heavy cream (you can balance this to your liking)
Heat in stock pot (or other thick sauce pan) 3tbls butter, 6tbls flour making basic blonde roux.

Add liquids, heat to simmer, season, add back meat

You can throw this on a side of a bumper, or some toast. Make it thick toast so it can stand up to the gravy.

Prepare for a comfort meal that will stable you to your sofa and put you to sleep with a smile.

No it won't keep so find people to share it with or you're gonna be running hard tomorrow!

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