Old School Green Beans

I wanted something like my grandmother used to make.. but I hit it with a side of BAM and turned it to 11.

1lb green beans
2c pork stock
2c water
1tbls vinegar (white or apple)
3 pieces of bacon chopped
1/3c chopped onions
S&P to taste (takes a lot more salt than you think, dont worry, consumption is fractional)

Prep green beans, snapping ends off and then in half.
In soup/stock pot cook chopped bacon and onions till onions are soft adding S&P (if you use good uncured bacon you'll need it).

Add stock, water, vinegar, green beans, get to near boil, reduce to simmer, 25m, stirring occasionally.

Finish seasoning to taste.. taste it! taste it! taste it! Use those taste buds!

Serve in bowl with a little sauce.

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