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United States

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I love food and culture and even though I have a very digital lifestyle I like to help as much as I can move our world towards better choices by having those choices.
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Meat, Fish, Scallops, Sweet Potatoes, et al!

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  • Carol Buie-Jackson

    Ok, thanks. I'll post it.
  • Steve Case

    Hi Andy,

    Great to see you guy's last night, it was a nice evening and a great meal! Thanks to everyone who put it together. Andy Geny and I loved the pic's and I got a good giggle out of the caption :) on Genys shot, thanks!

    Best regards, Steve and Geny
  • Carol Buie-Jackson

    Andy, are you the one who tweeted looking for knitters? If so, contact me. There's a club in Matthews and although I don't knit, I know a few of those who do. If its for a good cause, I bet they would be interested