Don Boekelheide

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Gardener. Busker. Grow your own, and support local growers!
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Fresh blueberries, off the bush.

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  • Amy Hayes

    Don, try clicking on the little letter symbol at the top of you page. It's on a gray bar at the top of the screen between your name and a person symbol. Took me a long time to figure out how to work it, too. :)

    I'm doing fine. You're just now starting your toms? I've got two trays of tomato seedlings in my house which were started by the third graders at the Shamrock Gardens dinner event, and I'll be returning them in a week or so. They will be missed. They're kind of like my foster toms. We're not having a garden this year because the soil around our ancient rent house is just too obviously contaminated with large chips of lead paint. :(
    The big plant in the picture is from my TX garden. Pruning tomato bushes in that area made them too prone to disease, heat stress, and sunburn, so I just let them grow up and over their six foot tomato cages and back down to the ground again. And I promise I wasn't loading them up on nitrogen. :)

    The frost-free date around here is about April 16th, isn't it?

    Anyway, try to check your mail, it's about the school thing.

  • Rosemary Pete

    Hey Don,
    The herbs are great, how have you been?
    Are you looking for any herb or veggie plants?
  • Michaele Fitzpatrick

    Hey Don,
    I saw that Darlene Heater was going to contact you about the adult gardening at clean and green. Amy and I are concentrating on the "kid and family" activites/demo in this same area. Let's talk and try to co-ordinate!
    Michaele Fitzpatrick