Hello, How do you keep chipmunks out of your garden. This year I bought small holed fench which will keep out the rabbits but the chipmunks will just climb it. ANy ideas besides fabric over the top?


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Hi Chipmunk,
They can get through anything. They usually don't bother much in the garden - I had them eat my strawberries one year.

You can trap them humanely and let them loose in your ex-girlfriend's apartment.

I'll ask around for some more ideas.

Thanks so much. I guess last year it was the bunnies and hopefully my fence will keep them out!
There are organic pest repellents - www.imustgarden.com in Chapel Hill.

I heard back from Marilyn Cox at www.imustgarden.com who has the organic pest repellents. She has one for squirrels.

"Yes, the squirrel repellent will work for your chipmunk problem…I’ll send you some samples if you’d like. And yes, they’ll eat fruit and veggies and seeds. If they burrow near foundations and patios, that can be problematic."

Check out her website. The ingredients in her products are safe and organic. Things like lemon grass oil, peppermint oil, clove oil.
I haven't had an issue with chipmunks, but squirrels are eating everything in my raised beds. Does anyone have suggestions for building a cheap cage around a small raised bed? I would love to know what type of materials to use, where to get them for a good price, etc. Thanks!


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