hi and good afternoon.

wonder if anyone is interested in getting the ball rolling by giving short bios or current projects to see what the group is doing.
though i live in chapel hill and have my cooking school here, i love charlotte! in addition to slow food i also am an advocate of slow cooking - or i guess it would be better to say, i believe in cooking. its power and meaning and ability to draw people together. that to me is just as important as the food we choose.

besides classes and the work of teaching, i take teens on tour to france (and north carolina) i keep a blog about culinary adventures, both past and present, in writing a novel; CITY OF LADIES. .


that's probably enough for now, so, when do you write, and what..

thanks, dorette

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I think that is a great idea, Dorette.

My name is Deby Jizi. I just relocated to Charlotte, where I grew up and attended college, after being away for over 23 years. I was involved with Slow Food in the Triangle area, attending the talk that Carlo Petrini gave at NC State a year or so ago.

Last year, I hauled my camera and a notepad on a pasture walk sponsored by the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) at NC State. Though I am mostly a vegetarian/vegan, I support the sustainable raising of farm animals for food. I thoroughly enjoyed the pasture walk, and I went home and wrote an account of it for the local papers. The farmer, Bailey Newton, of Triple B Farms, called me and thanked me for bringing attention to his labor of love. No money was worth the feeling I got for helping such a good cause.

I love food. I love fresh, local, fruits and vegetables. I always have, even as a child. Also, there is something so good about growing food and supporting people who grow food. It is a basic and very important need, which brings a natural and profound sense of gratitude to my heart.

I think I will post some pictures of the pasture walk, and if possible the text of the article.

It is good to meet you. I look forward to posts from our other members.

All the Best,
I tried to attach this before, but I cannot find it. This might be a double post, but, oh well. Here is the text to my pasture walk article.


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