Cary and I made sweet potato soup last night with N’ Thyme farm’s sweet potatoes and vegetable stock from the Art Institute culinary students. We started with great ingredients, and did our best not to ruin them! I am sure everyone at the 2nd grade dinner Friday night will love it. Cary and I are planning to be at Shamrock at 4:30 to heat up the soup, and we will also have a table of information and photos to share with the families. It won’t be hard work, but if you would like to come, we would love to have you there.

If you are looking for something a bit more physical, I will be at the school at about 10:30 Friday morning, after the NC coalition fruits and veggies meeting, to do some gardening work. The cold has finished off a number of our summer vegetables, and those plants will need to be taken out and carted off. We could also stand to do a little TLC with our fall/winter crops. They are hanging in there, but they might enjoy a kind word. Let me know if you would like to come help out on Friday and keep me company. I might even spring for a hot drink afterwards!

Hope to see you soon,

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