Yes, that is right. Shamrock is going to be hosting the Starfish Academy again this summer, so we will be able to continue gardening with the students!

We have the 6 beds that are currently growing some summer tomatoes, okra, green beans and eggplant, and we will be adding more in these now that the peas and lettuces are done. Let us know if you are available over the summer to help with the gardening during the week- even stopping by for a few minutes during lunch to water or check for bean bugs would be helpful!

Our new beds are in place over the cardboard kill mulch- hopefully by fall this new courtyard area will be ready to plant. It looks great now (thanks to those who came out on the 16th to get it all in place!) but I am really excited to see it come to life! We are really hoping to make this area a true outdoor classroom, so if any of you have any garden benches or children’s gardening tools that are looking for a new home, I am sure we could find a place for them at Shamrock!

The Right Moves for Girls group ended the year with a little party in the cafeteria, and took home a small booklet with recipes of the foods that were serves along with some easy, fresh recipes they can make over the summer with the available produce. It was so gratifying watching them dig into foods that they would have been hesitant to try at the beginning of the year! Some boys were looking longingly at the party set up, and we are talking about ways to get a group for the young men going next year.

Amy and I will be up at Shamrock doing some much needed garden maintenance this Thursday- we should be there by 11 AM, so if you would like to help or stop in for a few minutes to check out the new beds, we would love to see you! The garden has been neglected for the last few weeks since Amy was tied up with some other things, and I have been slowed by a broken ankle, so there is work to be done!

Hope you are all having a great start to your summer, and hope to see you in the garden soon!

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I noticed the dates for garden work days on the sign outside the school. Is that for neighborhood residents as well as parents and kids?
Absolutly Kathy! We are looking to involve anyone who is interested in fresh foods, gardening, or is just curious about what we are doing at the school. Whether you are experienced in gardening, or are just getting started and are looking to pick up some tips, we would love for you to come out and play!

Hope to see you the 28th!


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