Hi all!
Sorry for the delay in posting- that time of year!
It looks like "Charlotte Food for Thought" is the winner in the voting. This is what we used when we met with the school leadership team. I am sure we could discuss the issue indefinitely, but I think this name will serve our purposes for now. We can always change it in the future (Nations Bank did), but to begin with, what we do will be more important than what we are called.
The meeting at Shamrock a few weeks ago went really well. A few teachers were understandably nervous about fitting lessons into their curriculum, or about coming up with ideas on what they can do in the garden, but the enthusiasm for the project, from the principal, teachers, and parents, overrode objections.
Cary and I had an opportunity to tour the school, and were very impressed with Shamrock as a whole. The students were polite and engaging, and the grounds have many possible garden sites. Even the architecture of the school lends itself to the collecting of rainwater from downspouts.
There are actually 6 4X4 (I think) railroad tie plots already in place that we could work with this spring.
I wrote to Principal Wilson today, asking for a list of the teachers who volunteered to be point people for their grade. I will let you know when we have that list.
Cary Probst has set a meeting of the food committee for January 8th at about 7pm. Please contact her for further details on place, exact time and agenda.
Hopefully, other committee meetings will also take place after the first of the year so we can get ready to start planting, working and teaching!

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