Reply with the number of your pick for our group's name.

1 = The Feed to Learn Organization
2 = Charlotte Garden Teachers
3 = The Edible Classroom
4 = Charlotte Edible Knowledge Committee
5 = Seed to Plate Classrooms
6 = Food for Thought
7 = Charlotte Garden Grubs

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I like #6 if it isn't already trademarked
I like 6 too!
I like # 6!
I like 6 too. Should we add "Charlotte" before it?
I think "Charlotte" or "Charlotte's" before it sounds good
I like #5 = Seed to Plate Classrooms
I like Charlotte Food for Thought as suggested or Charlotte Seed to Plate?
I also like #5 - Seed to Plate Classrooms
I love number 6, with Charlotte added onto it. Number 5 would be my second pick.
5 and 6 are both good names but I'd say it really depends on who your audience is. Kids start learning about seeds in Kindergarten plus the words "seeds" and "plate" are more tangible. "Food for thought" is a more difficult concept for children to understand. So who's the audience: the administration, teachers, parents or the children?
I like # 6 - I agree that it would adding Charlotte before it would give it unique value. Yay! This is great.


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