First, huge HUGE Thank You to Cassie Parsons and Natalie Veres of Grateful Growers Farm. As many of you know, we, along with the Tailgate Market, were the beneficiaries of the silent auction that was held during their last "hands that feed you" dinner. Last week, we deposited a check for $2300.00, and Cassie tells me there is a bit more still to come. Needless to say, we will be doing some big things with that money, so put in your two cents of things that you would like to see happen....
Amy and I have been going to Shamrock on Mondays at 10- feel free to stop by then and see what is up! There is always watering to be done and squash bugs to kill......... This week we will be installing a mailbox in one of the garden plots. Kids (and teachers) will be able to write out questions, put them in the mailbox, and then have them answered by us. We are working over the summer with one of the teachers who is teaching an integrative literacy class, so learning to formulate a question and write it out will work well with that. On July 2nd, we will be giving that class a tour of the garden and planting some sunflower seeds with them. The teachers are hoping for the kids to be able to observe how a seed becomes a plant, and then the plant produces seeds. We are planning to document the process with photos and have the kids write their own story about the sunflowers. We will print that as a book for the library to have, and also hope to take a copy with us to San Francisco when we go in late August for a schoolyard garden conference. If you would like to get involved with the summer school class, please speak up!
Thanks to Tracy Allen for watering last week, and for fixing our water pressure problems. If anyone else is close to Shamrock and could stop by and water during the week, please let us know.
Check back soon for some new pictures from the summer school!

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