Wow the garden is looking great, even in this heat that we have been having! I guess straw mulch really does the trick! Yesterday I stopped by the school to give the plants a drink, and harvested 2 zucchini and quite a few yellow squash. I gave them to Principal Wilson, and he passed them along to a deserving woman who was planning to saute them up for dinner.
I posted a few pictures of the garden and one of the kids doing the tasting on my page (Michaele Fitzpatrick), please go take a look. I am trying to figure out if I can post them here on Food For Thought, but until I have someone show me how, my page was the best I could do!
Amy and I are planning to visit Shamrock on Mondays over the summer to tend the garden. At the volunteer celebration at Shamrock last week, families signed up to meet us there on Mondays to help out, and take home any produce that is harvested that week. If you would like to help us out with the garden over the summer, or would be available to go on Mondays if Amy or I can't make it, please let one of us know!
I spoke with one of the reading teachers yesterday, and she is doing a reading class for kids over the summer and is going to be utilizing the garden for the class. I will keep you updated on opportunities to get involved with that aspect of the project.
Take care, and please don't hestitate to stop by the school to see the garden, or to email me if you have an idea for Shamrock involving either the garden or the classroom We would love to see more of you become more actively involved!

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Sounds like the garden is really taking off! Let me know if the food committee can help out!
Michaele - My bookclub spent the weekend at Grandfather Mountain for our annual retreat. We pick a topic, and each reads a book which we report on and have great discussions. This year's topic was slow food / sustainable agriculture. I told the group about Shamrock Elementary's Food For Thought and they would like to be involved, too. There are 8 of us - several work full-time and/or are very active in civic affairs. Is tending the garden on Mondays the only opportunity for work this summer? Thanks.


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