Hi all,
Just wanted to bring you up to date- Cary did a great tasting and nutrition activity for the kindergarten and 5th grade classes last week. She had them taste watermelon, green pepper, zucchini and yellow squash and write down their impressions of what it looked like, what flavors and texture the foods had, and whether or not they liked it or had eaten it before. I found it interesting that only about half of the kids had ever tried a green pepper, and even fewer had tasted squash. Many liked everything, but watermelon seemed to be the favorite!
After the tasting, she played a game where the kids had the name of a food on a sticker that was placed on their back, and working with a partner the kid with the sticker had to ask questions about the food until they were able to guess what it was (think $20,000 pyramid). Afterwards, she explained parts of the food pyramid and with the 5th graders, she had the kids place their food in the pyramid.
We are hoping to do the same with other grades this Wed and Thurs. I will update you on exact times when I find out.
We have also been asked to have some type of an info table at their volunteer appreciation day. I am awaiting details and will let you all know when I hear.
The garden looks fantastic! Everything is healthy, and some squash is ready for harvest. The tomatoes are up to my chest with tons of flowers, the beans are budding, the basil is bushy and the peppers also have buds. If you are willing to help out in the garden over the summer, please contact Amy and let her know. I will try and remember my camera next time I am there and will get some pictures posted for you all!
Grateful Growers had an amazing dinner out at their farm on Saturday afternoon along with a silent auction to benefit Food for Thought and Tailgate Market. Thanks to them and all the wonderful chefs, farms, and businesses who contributed to this wonderful event. Please see their website at www.ggfarm.com for more details.
Check back soon for more details. School will be out soon, but we will be working over the summer both on the garden and planning activities for next year.

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I wasn't sure if there was anything I could do to help let me know.
Tastings are going to be Thursday starting at about 9:45 in the cafeteria. On Thursday night from 5-7 PM Food For Thought is going to have an information table/demo at the Shamrock Gardens volunteer appreciation night. I am planning to have a recipe sheet for the parents to take home with them- if anyone has any fun/easy/interesting summer snack recipes- preferably using ingrediants from the garden please let me know ASAP- I need to print them out this afternoon!
If anyone would like to come to either of these events, let me know! I could use the help and company!

this is Marylyn Williams - at the GG dinner on the farm I mentioned I'd like to help
out with the Shamrock Elementary school program, so please sign me up. I do work
so may have limited daytime availability, but with a little notice I can often work it


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