Hi All, Michaele and I have been in touch with Shamrock Garden teacher Ms. Griffin and they would love for us to do some nutrition activities with the kids. I've come up with a couple simple activities that can be done with all grade levels but I'd like to hear back from you if you have any other suggestions. I thought we would do a taste test of some of the foods they are growing in the garden (we'll have to purchase as they are not harvesting yet) and also play a game where the kids have the name of a food taped to their back, they ask their classmates questions, then try to guess the food. After all students guess their foods, we then ask them to place the foods in the food guide pyramid and discuss "any time" vs. "some time foods. They would like us to do this sometime between May 27th and the last day of school on June 10th so time is short! If you can help out with preparation or in the classroom or have any suggestions, please email me at caryprobst@carolina.rr.com. thanks!

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