Hi all!
Just wanted to post to bring you all up to speed on some exciting spring plans for Shamrock Gardens Elementary.
Groundbreaking for the garden will be on the 26th of April- time TBA, but I am assuming we will start working in the AM and go until we run out of work, steam or time. Amy has some great plans in place to recondition some existing beds, and also to start work on a wildlife area. She is looking at some native plants to place in the wildlife area, and also at some quick growing crops and flowers for the beds.
We want to keep the kids busy while adults are working, so we will be helping the little ones to make a vermiculture bin. This bin will stay in one of the classrooms, and allow the kids to observe this form of compost up close.
We also hope to install a question box at the groundbreaking. Pamela Grundy has volunteered her husband’s architecture class to make us a box to place in the garden at Shamrock. This box will allow the children (or teachers) to ask a nutrition or garden question at any time. We will then collect questions periodically from the box and get answers back to the school.
The tomato seedlings that were planted after the dinner are growing nicely and will be transplanted soon. Amy Hayes will co-ordinate the timing of that with the teachers. If interested in helping out with that activity, or with any other garden related activity, please contact her and let her know. She is working hard to grow the garden committee, and there will be lots of work over the spring and summer!
We have no specific food plans at the moment, but would like to do something in the classroom soon. One possibility is to do some nutritional education and tasting based on veggies planted during the groundbreaking. Cary Probst is heading up the nutrition committee, so feel free to contact her with any questions or ideas.
One area we really need to start concentrating on is fundraising. If you have any contacts with local businesses that might be willing to help out financially or with supplies for the groundbreaking, or if you have any ideas for fundraising, please let us know! We are now officially under the Slow Food Charlotte umbrella, so donations to us or directly to Shamrock should be tax deductible. Plants, mulch, seeds, rain barrels, and drip hoses are just a few of the supplies we will need!
We have applied for a microgrant given by Slow Food USA for the implementation of schoolyard garden projects. Winners will be announced May 1st, so keep your fingers crossed!
Look for more updates coming soon, and get ready to play in the dirt!

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Wow, sounds like you have some great stuff going on! I sure wish I could have been there for the ground breaker. I guess I need to check out this forum more often, eh?


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