Hi All,
Many of you are aware that we are having our garden groundbreaking this Sat. Amy has put together a garden wish list. If any of you can donate these materials, or know where we may be able to get these things at good (read cheap- we are working on a non-existant budget) prices, please let us know!

For the Soil:

-3 bales horse-quality alfalfa (high priority)
-At least 1/2 cubic yard compost (would be very nice if it's good stuff)
-agricultural-grade lime

Seeds and Seedlings:

-12 or more sweet bell pepper plants
-4 to 12 basil transplants
-1-4 eggplant transplants (I like the skinny japanese kinds)
-several packets of bush beans or bulk.
-legume innoculent (a bonus)
-perhaps one extra tomato plant so we have a fourth variety
-I have zucchini seeds, but if either of us happens to see the varieties "Costata Romanesco" or "Zucchetta Rampicante" we should grab them. Also, it might be nice to have one or two seedlings for planting right off the bat.
-I haven't decided on whether or not we'll grow okra. If we do----okra seed, Clemson Spineless in bulk is pretty cheap.

Structures (the hard part):

To begin with, we will need either a number small "tomato" cages equal to the number of pepper and tomato plants we have OR just enough of those for our toms and three 4'x5' sections of pea trellis and wooden stakes. At one time, I was able to find the little cages at dollar stores for a buck each. I don't know if we'll get that lucky.

Old, thin, preferably white king size pillow cases fit easily over the cages and can protect transplants from pests, so if anyone has any of those lying around...

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