Slow Food Charlotte wants YOU to take a friend to the market.

Just once a month, more if you like, take a friend to a farmer's market. Introduce them to your farmer. Let them know what great food we have grown here. Open their world to food that is good, clean & fair. There will be no Slow Food police checking up on you, no organic SWAT team shadowing your grocery moves, nary a free ranging black helicopter slightly out of view, just a simple gift that you can give to a friend, and yourself, to share your time together at one of our fine farmer's markets. If you've fallen off the local food wagon, take this time to get back on. It's high season and there's a bounty to be shared.

So take a friend to:
Matthews Community Farmer's Market (local only)
The Tailgate Market (local only)
The Waxhaw Market (local only)
The Davidson Market (local only)
Meeting Street Market - Ballantyne
Indian Trail Market
NC Department of Agriculture on Yorkmont Rd.
The NC Dept of Ag Market on Yorkmont Road (This is a great market on Saturday mornings, but beware, shop only where you see these flags. Most of the vendors there are resellers peddling goods from California, Mexico and beyond.)

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