Can anyone guide me to the best foodie area of Charlotte? We will be moving there this summer.

I've never even visited Charlotte, but am looking forward to finding a house in a foodie area. 

Can anyone recommend a community that is served by good grocery stores (does Charlotte have a Whole Foods, Fresh Fields or the like?), has a farmers market-- but also has excellent schools (we have 4 children)?

Looking forward to getting involved with SFC soon!

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your best bet is to find the farmers market off of yorkmont rd in charlotte or at atherton mill in south end part of town. both provide local and organic foods. the farmers/vendors are very friendly and helpful with recommendations of other farmers and restaurants. best of luck...

There is a whole foods scheduled to be built Whole Foods

I hope you are enjoying the best that Charlotte has to offer.  There are a lot of Farmer's markets here Check the farms listing and type in Farmer's Markets/ My wife and I are looking to open one ourselves.  Believe it or not there are food deserts in this wonderful city, and We are one of the Answer's.  My wife and my eldest daughters are musicians and all of them sing, including my awesome son.  I am an Elder at my church and an entrepreneur.  Hope you and your family are getting along well in Charlotte.  God Loves You


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