I just received this and wanted to pass it along. This video is just 2:46 minutes - please watch -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGZL6q-3LOw

Basically, there is federal legislation advocated by Monsanto to financially stifle small farmers.


Dear friends,

There is very important legislation being proposed which you should be aware of, the "food safety" bill (HR 875, HR 759 - NAIS and Monsanto). Below is a quick video with a small sampling of how we will be effected should this bill pass. Please do not hesitate to read information on HR 875 so you are aware of this this extremely important bill proposal that will effect us all in a very negative way.

Thank you for your time,
Dionne Plantamura


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America's small farmers are under attack through a series of bills presented under the guise of "food safety." (HR 875, HR 759 - NAIS and Monsanto) I don't want to lose my freedom to grow, buy and eat real foods. Let's fight for our small farmers who not only need our protection and support, but actual freeing from government intrusion, control and harm.

this video is just 2:46 minutes - please watch --

Links from video notes:
Stop HR 875, and related bills and expose legislators tied to Monsanto.

Write Your Representative

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