Hi, SF members-
I have a lead from a teacher at Matthews Elementary that is looking for volunteers to help them with some vegetable gardens. If you're interested in helping out or finding out more information please contact me @ cheftori@eatrightnc.com or 980-322-9857

Please note: This teacher has asked that we NOT contact the school directly. He is taking his spare time to get this organized and has expressed that the school staff is already inundated with too much work with managing the school.   I'm acting on liaison on his behalf so please contact me for all questions.  

Also, I've tried repeated times over the coarse of several days, to log onto Charlotte School Gardens (I just recently found out about their group!!) to post this information but their site seems to be unresponsive.  I've asked a friend to check out the site and she is also having problems logging on too?!. I was, however, able to log onto and sign up to the site on my mobile phone (but it's very hard to navigate from there) If anyone here knows the person in charge of the CSG group, please pass my information on to them

Many thanks,
Tori Groat

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Just to update on this post:

If you're not already a volunteer w/ CMS schools you will need to register online and submit a background check. The process was fairly simple to do and I was approved in under a day.

To register follow directions below:

*Go to CMS website: http://www.cms.k12.nc...

* Go to Volunteers and partners and scroll down to CMS Volunteers

* Click where is says new volunteer/ click here to register

* Next will be a form to fill out for background checks

* Click submit and you are done.


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