Has anyone tried the local food club that was operating this winter...I think they're called Know Your Farms. I saw a flier today in a coffee shop and was curious to know the scoop on them. I'm interested in local food and will probably join up in one of the Charlotte locations.

the flier gave this address: www.knowyourfarms.com

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Sure, I believe the amazing and multitasking Christy Shi is behind KYF. It's a great idea to get in on if you can't find it in your schedule to get to a regional market. Many of our local farms also offer CSA's that you can buy a full share or half share of goods for weekly pickup.
What agreat site! Thanks for listing it. I look forward to checking it out further.
I've been a member of Know Your Farms since its inception 18 or so months ago and have just renewed my membership for 12 more months. Christy continues to innovate and advocate for our local farming community and our value added food vendors. For my family, it works well in conjunction with our supporting the local farmers markets each week and our own gardening efforts. We rarely have to supplement with grocery store items... We are committed because of health and the importance of local economies.
Donna, Hi, not trying to stalk you, can you explain (or anyone) this a little more to me? Its only my husband and I and I am afraid of being overwhelmed w/ too much food. Plus we garden in the summer and go to the farmers markets.

Thanks abby
All of this just caught my eye and I thought I could add some information about Know your Farms. We've got three main programs up and running: a multi-farm CSA with produce boxes delivered to central drop points in the Charlotte area filled with local produce, meat, dairy, etc(changes every week as seasons pass); the Local Food Club which allows members access to an online ordering system from all the farms we work with(about 2 dozen within 30 miles of Davidson), also delivered once a week to central drop-off points; and we are launching a new program, "Meal-in-a-Box" which provides local ingredients, a recipe crafted for the available food by a chef we are working with, and information on which farms the ingredients came from to create a meal for 4.

If you check out our website, we also have smaller activities and events such as on-farm work days, farm tours, an incubator farm visit(a farm "growing farmers"--very interesting concept), and profiles of all the farms we work with. It's easy to get involved and a great way to support local farms and businesses! In my case, with only two people in the house I split my CSA box with a friend simply to reduce food waste. The food club provides the most options for variety and quantities needed in particular households. The Meal-in-a-Box is a great way to create a local homecooked meal for a family or a gathering of friends, and the recipes are deliccciouss..

Just check out the website and if you have any questions or want to sign up, shoot us an email at info@knowyourfarms.com or email me(Mallory Pitser, the intern working with Christy and Wes Shi and Know your Farms for the Summer) at kyfintern@gmail.com

This seems like a very well established system that works with the farmers. I am part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Slow Food chapter. Does anyone know if this Know Your Farms program has spread beyond Charlotte? Thanks!


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