I'm a newbie to the local slow food movement and am trying to figure out where you all go for your milk? I've seen the homestead creamery milk at earthfare that is from virginia. do we have access to anything closer? i read online that organic valley milk has a farm in NC but it doesn't look like you can verify from the box if the milk they sell in charlotte is actually from that farm...any thoughts?

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I am looking for the same thing! I just visited friends in Chapel Hill and they have a local dairy store 2 miles from their house. I was soooo jealous!
You can get raw Guernsey and Jersey milk from Tucker Adkins Dairy in York, South Carolina.
Call Carolyn Adkins at 803 242 4743.
Also check out www.realmilk.com.
Thanks for your messages. I have confirmed with a rep from Organic Valley milk that if the box has the numbers
37-82 Milko or 37-087 Hunter Farms, then they are from NC farms. I asked if the milk is sent to a distribution center at some point out of the state and they said no. They say it is all processed and shipped from NC. So this may be the closest (non-raw) milk available...You can see from the website that they have two farms in Rowan County, one in Guilford, etc.
I am also interested in finding a local dairy farm. Not the ones in SC though - I live in the University area and want something that doesn't involve an hour slog each way. :)

While I have found dairy products from NC at the Bradford Store, that dairy is in Julian, which is even further than the ones in SC.
I live in Troutman I-77 to exit 42, and am looking for something close to that also. I work in charlotte though and would love something close to either/or! :)


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