I'm seaching for a local dairy farm where I can by fresh cream and milk for my own use at home.

Does anyone know of any nearby that would sell in small quantities? Doesn't have to be raw but not ultra-pasteurized.

Also, is there a farm where one can pick eggs right from the chickens?

Again, in small quantities.

Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Tucker Adkins Dairy in York South Carolina 803 242 4743, ask for Carolyn

Raw milk, cream, butter, etc.
Does anyone know a dairy farm that is closer to the North side of Charlotte? SC is a bit of a slog for me.
It is illegal to sell unpasturized dairy in North Carolina, hence the SC farms. One of those large gripes of everyone here.

You can find a few that might sell their dairy for pet-consumption only. I'll have to dig around as I recall someone in the Mt. Pleasant area that was doing so.
Thanks. It doesn't have to be unpasteurized, though I know they may not have the facilities for pasteurization. I'm good with pet-consumption only. Both the dog and cat love dairy (and they both eat local foods only too) :)
Have you check with Homeland Creamery. I'm not sure how close they are to you but here is their website. I am trying to contact them to see if I could get this added to the local buyer's club I run: www.golocalncfarms.com.

Here is Homeland's website:


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