Let Chef Bradley promote your goods and the local economy!

For those few of you that follow my blog at http://unklechef.blogspot.com know that we like to offer tutorial videos as well as other food-related information. I've recently posted a blog about a pork belly project that is currently underway. We just picked up a beautiful pork belly over at Yorkmont Farmers Market from Grateful Growers Farms and it's getting a good home :) Check it out here: http://unklechef.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-pork-belly-cure-for-my-cra...

If you'd like to promote your item(s) let me know! You may be featured on my next video tutorial or written blog! Contact me through this forum or visit http://cheflabarre.com for more info! I would love to create some great stuff with your food as well as help promote the local economy.

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