It’s full on Farmers Market Season. Support your Farmers!

It’s full on Farmers Market Season, not that it isn’t always… hint hint. Get out and support your farmer.  Take care of yourself, your family and friends by feeding them good, clean and fair food.  Where you ask?  Check ‘em out!


Matthew’s Community Farmers Market


Atherton Market


Davidson Farmers Market


The 7th Street Public Market


The Charlotte Regional Farmers Market - NC Dept of Agriculture Market on Yorkmont … This is NOT a Local Only Market. Make sure your farmer is a farmer and not a reseller..  On Saturdays there are lots of local farmers though, so it’s a great spot… but be aware.


Meeting Street Market

This should get you started.  If you're at other markets, make sure you're buying from farmers.  There are lots of markets in Charlotte that are re-selling food from regional distribution centers... basically the same stuff you get from the grocery store... you got it, California, Florida, Guatemala. Support your farmers and support good, clean and fair food.

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