Thank you to all who played a part in putting on the discussion event at Davidson College last night, it was a joy to hear. While I had to leave before the slide show, I loved hearing the panel share some of their best memories.

As an Italian-American -- both sides of my family are Italian -- I always wondered why my family did certain things. On my first trip to Italy, long ago everything because crystal clear. I have travelled extensively in Italy over the years and have family there in both the north and the south. In 2006, and was lucky enough to attend the Winter Olympics in Torino and stayed with cousins part of the time. It is truly amazing how my family in the US and my family in Italy still cook the same, adhere to the same traditions and celebrate food and family as sacred.

Hearing some of your thoughts last night made me smile and be thankful for my family's long-held traditions. (And those panini & espresso at the autogrill are truly gifts from heaven!)

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