Hello all,

My name is Katie and I am a senior Graphic Design/History major at UNCC graduating in May.  Currently, I am working on my senior design thesis/project and am reaching out through this to both research for myself and hopefully get a little help :)


My project is most likely to be titled 'Adapted' and will explore urban agricultural development in the Charlotte area. I hope to interview a minimum of five (and hopefully more!!) people whom have adapted their urban spaces to create a garden or growing environment of any kind.  This could mean anything from your backyard to your kitchen window.. I am hoping to document all sorts of methods, spaces, beliefs, etc in order to both educate and advocate for the sake of urban gardening.  The general idea would be to convey that no matter what the circumstances, anyone can adapt their environment for the betterment of themselves, their community, and the world as a whole.  I am hoping to focus more on those growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc rather than flowers.


This is an extremely rough outline of my concept - I have only just begun to research and develop.  However, I would love to get interviews underway and, hopefully, anyone interested in being interviewed would also allow me to photograph their spaces for use in my final pieces - posters, book, etc.  These WILL NOT be for commercial purposes.


If you are interested in participating, have information or research you could point me towward, or simply have any feedback what-so-ever - please, feel free to contact me or post here.  I look forwarding to diving into this community :)


Thank you in advance for all of your help!

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