Hey, I went by Marc and Taylor's place yesterday--they had my milk from Matt's run. Anyway, much to my surprise and chagrin, Marc had a terrible accident on the soccer field Sunday, breaking his collar bone completely apart and wedging a muscle between the break. Very unpleasant. He's laid up pretty badly, going in for surgery this week, and Taylor has been staying home to attend to him.

So everyone send out their good karma and vibes to Marc and wish him a speedy recovery! Marc--I'll keep my eye on Bruce Jenner and Hugh Hefner at the gym, just to make sure they don't try any funny stuff.

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Ouch, so sorry to hear this. A deepest heartfelt sympothy & wish to health & healing. Drink some of that chamomile tea after surgery.

Ouch!! Collar bones are meant to be broken as children, not adults hehe! A swift and speedy mending Marc!


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