Hi, been trying to find venues in Charlotte/local area that carry the 'Edible Piedmont' magazine?
Would be grateful if someone knows where I might find a free copy... thanking you!!

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Hi Kim & Fergal,

I wanted to reconnect with you from your last message about the restaurant in Rock Hill that serves family style, we have eaten there and enjoyed it very much, a couple of our friends have also enjoyed the meal there as well.

As for the Edible Piedmont magazine you may want to check them out on line: www.ediblepiedmont.com or give them a call to find out where they are available at 919-847-0074.

Hope this helps, and hope to meet you soon!

Merry Christmas,
Steve and Geny Case
Thanks Steve for the info, and good day to you!

Glad to hear the Rock Hill eatery (Erin's restaurant- I think it is called) was great- We are planning a trip there with a few friends and getting some patron feedback is wonderful- looking forward to it!!

I have been emailing, ringing, and leaving messages on the contact info you gave me for Edible Piedmont since their Fall 2007 issue... and got no info back (I am sure they are finding themselves busy! and I would be interested in giving a hand somehow too- for fun!). I figured reaching out to people who come across the magazine in shops etc would be a more fruitful endeavour. Thanks again for the info and for being in touch. I will locate a copy soon I am sure.

Wishing you well,


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