Granted this isn't about plants to eat (although I plan to post about those in the near future ;) I am in need of some green thumb advice. I have an Eastern Redbud seedling that I just planted in my front yard. I would like the Redbud to have just one trunk instead of multiple trunks as they most naturally want to have. I have heard you can train a young Redbud to have one trunk but I haven't found information on how to accomplish this.

Does any have this knowledge to share?


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Are you sure it is an Eastern Redbud? Most have a single trunk and multiple branches. It could be you have planted it too deep. At any rate, clip off all but the strongest of branches so that you have one lead, or trunk. Best time for this is late winter or early spring. Continue to cut off any suckers that come up (thin new branches from the ground). I would also recommend taking 3 to 4" off the top at this time.
If you find what you have is something other than an Eastern Redbud, the same principle will apply. Some species, like say the crepe myrtle, will want to have multiple branches and you will have to keep after it, but it is possible to train.
Hope this helps.
PS Why not plant some spring lettuce around that tree?


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