Every third friday, corresponding to the NoDa Gallery Crawl, I start my weekend at the McGill Rose Garden. They put out some wine and beer and provide a band--what's not to like about a garden party?

Anyway, I love the event, and when they lost their sponsor last month I decided to sponsor it. I'd love to see some of my Slow Food friends there. If you haven't seen what they've done with the Gardens and the Shop for a while, you really should check it out.....

It's this Friday, November 21, from 5 to 9. The gardens are located just down from the bus HQ, at North Davidson Street and I-277.

Cheers, Rich

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Okay, new developments. It appears that we are going to have additional live entertainment at the McGill Rose Garden on Friday. I haven't cinched the deal yet, but I'm close. We're going to have a woman who will be throwing prodigious amounts of fire around in order to celebrate our Torch Porch tiki torch biofuel.

So c'mon folks! Wine and beer in a lovely garden in the fall? A great musician? A twirling fire artist? What more do I need to get you to join me Friday?
I will try to drop by and check it out ; thank you for the heads up.
You would have had me at wine, but the fire artist would have cinched it for me were my in-laws not arriving tonight. Keep me updated on the next one, and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds for you!
obviously those underage can't partake of the beverages, but are there any age restrictions on attendance?
No age restrictions. I'm on my way over now. It's raining so I had to cancel the fire jugglers...so I'll get two for the November event.

Cheers! Rich
Hi, I learned about this too late to attend, but it sounds wonderful. Please keep sending notices of it and I will make sure to plan better next time! Thanks, Amy R.
To all those brave souls who would risk the cold to have a glass of wine at the garden:

This friday is the last little party at the McGill Rose Garden...it's getting a bit chilly, so we will resume next year.

I can't speak to the turn-out, but I'm going to be there. The bartender will be there. The band will be there. So if you want to come out and check out the Garden shop and see the fall greenery, feel free to join us!


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