Very cool article spotted on Slashfood about tracking food to its source.

While grocery shopping recently, Eat Me Daily discovered a Murray's Chicken with a Farm Verification sticker on it, allowing the purchaser to "find out where this chicken came from and learn more about the family that raised it." When you plug the code from the sticker into the website it pulls up a Google Map showing the location of the chicken's farm of origin, along with the farmer's name and address. You can even see little pictures and satellite images of the farm, along with quotes from the farmer himself. How cool is that?

This "chicken tracker" is clearly part of the wave of the future, as consumers demand to know where there food came from (and "Grown in Venezuela" does not cut it) in order to make informed choices.

Has anyone seen any similar tracking codes on their food?

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Wow, fantastic idea of traceability of our food sources. I could see some of the modern cell phone providers able to take quick snapshots and show you in the store information about the food/farm.


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