Can you help get the word out about my new book on Organic Vegetable Gardening for Families?

Hi All,
My book is finally out and I'm very excited. It's called "No Green Thumb Required! Organic Family Gardening Made Easy" and the goal is to show people how they can have a garden in their back yard that's so easy, even a busy family can do it as a fun project. There are 25 different mini-activities for kids.

Slow food is all about helping people eat healthy, fresh food, and a back yard garden is the way to go. Involving children means we'll have thousands of kids growing up with the experience of growing their own vegetables.

I'm selling the book on my website, so if you can spread the word to anyone you know, even in other cities, that would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some links...

table of contents...

I'm doing a radio show Saturday morning on 660AM from 9am-11am. I'm also doing book signings at Barnes & Noble near South Park on January 24th from 10am to noon and on February 7th from noon to 2pm.

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Hi Don - I'll forward your book information to the parents that handle the organic garden at Zoe's school and anyone else I know who I think may be interested. I am getting my planning done for 2/15! Nancy
Hi Nancy,
Thanks very much.

"Exploring Holistic Alternatives" is hosting Instant Organic Garden guru, Don Rosenberg on Sunday, Jan. 25th, 2-4pm at Earth Fare- Ballantyne. He will share 'how to' info about organic gardening.

Why Grow Organic?

How to Get Started!

Gardening for Kids!

Seasonal Gardens.

Heirloom seeds.

The perfect tomato.

Pesky garden pests.



Bring your questions, Don is a source of so much organic gardening knowledge.

No green thumb? Don provides help to set up a easy care, weed free garden. Visit his website for more detailed information about the products he has available to make gardening fun.

Hope you all can join us!

Pat Robinson


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