Greetings from Canada! I've been researching barbecue in the Charlotte area and hope you can recommend a genuine barbecue place to go. I'm a SF member from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in town only one night (June 10th) and want to make my one eating experience a true North Carolinian one. From what I've found so far, "real" barbecue places (wood fire) are rare and there's a real discrepancy of what North Carolinian barbecue is. I don't care about styles of barbcue... I just want locally sourced food that is true to the area and hasn't been prepackaged or frozen and then re-heated. Any recommendations? I'm staying near the airport, but will travel by taxi to anywhere thats a true 'cue place. I look forward to reporting back to our convivium about an awesome place I ate at in the South. Thanks for your help.

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Here are a couple of suggestions. Lunch, Bill Spoon's BBQ at 5524 South Blvd - 28217 - (704) 525-8865. This is eastern NC style. They are only open for lunch. They are most known for their chopped pork bbq, but the chicken is pretty fine. These guys have been doing this for decades.

If you want to be hip go to Mac's Speed Shop - 2511 South Blvd. - NC 28203 - 704-522-6227 Mac's is a mix of styles, NC, Texas, etc. It's a concept restaurant / bar that is done right. Having given you these two, there will be a multitude of opinions out there pushing and pulling points of view. Given your time frame, start here, until someone else chimes in...


Mac's Speed Shop it is! Thanks for the help, Thom... I'm looking forward to a good feast.
Just wanted to let you know: I went to Mac's tonight and had a great experience. Sat at the bar beside a fellow named "One Time Charlie" who guided me through the menu and recommended the combo platter. It's a great way to go - you get to sample the beer can chicken, ribs, brisket & pulled pork and order 2 sides (I chose the collard greens and the Sis Gibson beans.) And Charlie got the kitchen to give me a sample of the Brunswick Stew (yum!) and another bar manager brought me a small cup of the Mac & Cheese. If all you Charlotte-ites (Charlottetonians?) are as hospitable as the crew there, I am definitely bringing the family back. The manager (Trey) gave me a behind-the-scenes peek at the kitchen and the smoker that was jam packed full of brisket. I told him you recommended it and enlightened him about Slow Food. He was very appreciative for your recommendation and SF information. So thank you, Thom....I have a very happy belly!

You can try the

best barbecue in charlotte is at FARMERS BBQ

They have really fresh barbecue and lots of different sauces made from scratch.  I always get the pork plate with 2 sides, mac and cheese and green beans.  I use the eastern vinegar sauce they make, but lots of people I go with try all the different sauces.  The start with fresh pork, never frozen, use a made from scratch rub and smoke in hickory wood.  I think its the most tender barbecue I have EVER had.  Check out the best barbecue in charlotte and you will be impressed.

Is there a reason all the posts here are so old? Is there a more recent version of the site or are people still reading these? Very curious, thanks.


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