They what?

I thought this would be an interesting discussion, how to start it is another thing. If you know what Twitter is skip ahead..if not, let me give you some quick background..

Online these days there are many many many ways to communicate. I consult with companies to bring them further into the fold of these modern means. I've been online since it was trapped at the university level. Anyhow the growth has brought communication and the dispersion of information out to the masses at instant speeds.

For this discussion I bring us to Twitter, social media's darling internet realtime communicator. Instant messaging on a global level. It's uses can be illustrated in this video.

The real discussion is that those who are causing problems have presences and are beaming their signal here.. Take for example MonsantoCo.

MonsantoCo sent me the link today for The Council for BioTech. Which to me is nothing more than big companies attempt at a slanted approach to the biotech story. The supporters of the site are all the names you know.

I want you to consider that these presences are sending out their thoughts and finding buy-in with the public. Are you sending out yours for your own?

The net these days is an amazing resource for good or bad as you well know. I want to encourage your growth of your own use as a force of good information and passion. If the squeeky wheel gets the attention then shouldn't you be doing more to squeek (especially if its as easy as writing?)?

At a minimum I encourage you to write your own interesting blog posts here. Throw out some good signal for others to find.

Ask questions and start discussions so when people search for similar thoughts they can find them. We are a local community with an international audience. The more content you contribute the more someone out beyond may find an answer. Participate in both the online and off. The digital holistic approach and all that ;-)

At a larger stride think of writing your own blog and discovering the greater communities beyond. Find a hook into realtime discussions and networking and share a little of the good, clean, and fair structure out there. People listen to people who care and I know so many of you care. Share.

The battle for mindshare being waged is in the field, the grocery isles, to the online domain and it needs to be aided when possible (like everything else right?).

I believe that one of the largest things we face is ignorance supported by disinformation.

So again, are you sending signal? Where do you send it? How?

If you need help finding more hooks into all of this post a question. If you are already a larger participant, at whatever level, share where you are and how we can follow and support.


ps, the followup question is how once we all have online identities and established personas do you pool those resources and make corporate fronts like MonsantoCo, hate to publish in a two-way medium.

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The GE community is getting wiser, truth or fud?

Also known as @DaisyTheCow on twitter.
At a recent BarCampCLT (un)conference, I was told we really needed a social media presence so I donated some more time to create SlowFoodCLT. A presence on Twitter and geolocated for our area. I hope to be able to send out messages of the region and interesting things from beyond. If you have something that the wider community should be aware of drop me a message. If anyone wants to help maintain and post to the account, I'm open to that as well!


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