Hi, everyone,

I'm new to this group, and am excited to see events and discussions regarding the Slow Food Movement in Charlotte.

I am an owner and founder of Carolina Grown. We are a local business specializing in home delivery of farm-fresh food from only NC farms and also food from NC producers (baked goods and such). We offer produce, pastured meats, dairy, and more, all from NC. We work with farms of all sizes, from very small farms, to some farms that are more established and a bit larger in scope. We also are a year-round operation.

Additionally, we also try to hold events for our members, from farm tours to dinners.

One of our CG members is a holistic health practitioner with ties to the Charlotte area and let us know that there may be interest in the community for our service. We currently offer home delivery in Wake, Durham, Chatham, Johnston, Orange, Lee, Harnett and Cumberland counties and may be interested in expanding our delivery area if there is enough interest.

I just wanted to see if there is a need for this kind of program in the Charlotte community. What kind of foods are people interested in? What kind of resources are already available to residents of the Charlotte area? Are there farms in the area that are looking for new ways to get their product out and expand their coverage area, but have limited resources in doing so? Are there restaurants in the Charlotte area that are dedicated to serving local fare? What kind of events and farmers markets are available for the community?

Again, looking forward to conversing and learning with the Slow Food Movement community, and looking forward to coming to visit the Charlotte area very soon!

Thanks for any and all feedback!

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