Any dairy, beef, or animal farms for school kids to visit

I am looking for a dairy farm specifically but any animal farm would be great. We have a group of 1st graders from Providence Day School in Charlotte - VERY well behaved - that would love to visit a working farm. We have 5 classes - about 90 students - and can divide them in to groups that will visit on different days. We can do groups of 40 kids with 4 adult and can recruit more adults if you'd like. Our kids are very well behaved. We would love to know where our food comes from, the great commitment it takes to be a farmer, see adult and baby animals and milk a cow. PLEASE help me find a source within 60 minutes of Charlotte. Kim Alix 704-887-7041 (here's the right number!)

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Hi Kim,

There is several farms in the area that can accommodate your 1st graders, I tried to call your number above and the line wasn't working but one you can check online is these folks do a great farm tour and are set up for larger groups.
The owner "Farmer Rhonda" has a great commitment to sustainable farming and preserving heritage breed animals.

Please feel free to call with any questions 704-843-9363.

Best regards,
Steve and Geny Case
Pecan Lane Farms
Thanks Steve, I know this is an excellent farm and looked at the photos that prove it, too! Any other suggestions?
What about Proffitt Family Farms or Windy Hill Farm? I've not been to the farm, though I do know they welcome visitors. I generally buy their products at Atherton Market.


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