This article is disturbing but interesting to read nonetheless. He thinks we are deceiving the masses.

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It is interesting & disturbing. The are sooooo many opinions on our food supply! Read these articles and tell me that there isn't serious problems with our industrial food system & how we are all tied to it regardless of our personal food choices. I personally am not impressed by "PHD's" who do not produce food, but seem to be experts. So much is truly learned by observations from "farmers" & food producers who are really getting their hands dirty & growing something. So many times farmers try to tell the "university of experts" what is really happening in the field to be dismissed because they fail to believe any wisdom can come from a farmer.

There truly is hostility toward small farmers & those involved in small scale food production
Great article links. Thanks
As an organic farmer I have to say that there are far more concerns with biotech practices in the food chain than worries about shortages in an organic environment. To tell the world that masses have to starve in order for organic farming to be the norm is just pure fear-mongering. What about chemical residues in crops and GMOs in the food chain. No long term studies have been conducted on the effects they have on humans, the ecology and anything else. To me-- that is scary and potentially dangerous to all, rich, poor, and in between.
Your absolutely right!


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