Hi All,
I'm finishing up my book on family vegetable gardening made easy and I thought it would be very cool to get a forward from Alice Waters. Does anyone have any connections to her? Short of that, does anyone know how to contact her by phone or email?

Thanks very much!

I've revamped my webiste if you care to visit. www.instantorganicgarden.com.


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You reach Alice through Chez Panisse. That is where her keepers are and they canvass inquires. Having become an icon, it is difficult to reach her. Still I would encourage you to try, but I would say to write her a handwritten note, with no hint of technology on the envelop. Put a dried herb inside, your favorite, with an anecdote about why it's important to you. Alice is a hook, line & sinker romantic. You can appeal to her through those traditional means. She is a woman of letters and I am confident that such a sincere correspondence would give your words an audience with her.

Best of luck to you,

Yer the man! Thanks! I'll let you know how it goes.


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