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[SCGuild] [Fwd: Two Things You Can Do Right NOW!]
Monday, December 8, 2008 11:32 AM
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"Ron and Polly" <7springs@swva.net>, "Eden Peart" , "Five Penny" , "Linda and Larry Faillace"

PASA is the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture -- a
huge, diverse and dynamic group of people working for a better
agriculture. Their conferences are the best I've ever attended (one of
the few things I miss about not being in VA in February).


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Two Things You Can Do Right NOW!
Date: Mon, 08 Dec 2008 09:51:56 -0500
From: Michele Gauger ~ PASA
To: Michele Gauger ~ PASA

Dear PASA members,

Here are two things you can do to help advance the cause of sustainable
agriculture in Pennsylvania and across the country:

1) Sign the petition mentioned below (after my signature) regarding
the selection of a new U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. The sustainable ag
community has developed a list of six names that would be appropriate
choices for this post, or perhaps some other appointment in the new
administration. There is a nationwide effort underway to get as many
signatures as possible on this petition in the next 24 or 48 hours, as
time is now of the essence. Please feel free to forward this appeal to
your friends and business associates in sustainable ag.

2) The program for our 2009 /Farming for the Future/ conference is
now out, and I do believe it is not only the most complete list of
learning opportunities we have ever offered, but the brochure itself is
the most attractive I've seen to date. This is a perfect time for PASA
members to reach out to their friends and neighbors to tell them about
the organization and invite them to the conference. WE ARE PARTICULARLY
If you are interested in inviting people you know, please email Patty
Neiner in our Millheim office (_patty@pasafarming. org_) and she will
mail you the requested number of additional brochures. We would like to
get as many brochures out before Christmas as we can. You can also
refer people to our website, www.pasafarming. org to learn more about the
organization and register for the conference online.

Thanks for helping out with these two very important initiatives. As
always, at PASA it's our members who make the difference . . . and the
more members we have, the more difference we can make!

Best wishes for the holidays,

Brian Snyder
Executive Director
_brian@pasafarming. org

We would like to invite you to sign this live petition
<_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/_> effort to encourage President-Elect
to consider a Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

*The letter is at*: _http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/
Time is of the essence...
Within the next few days President-Elect Obama will be naming one of the
important posts in his cabinet --- our next Secretary of Agriculture.
For those of us
who care about the environment, sustainability, healthy food, animal
welfare and
creating local food systems, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.
<_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/_>

A groundswell of grassroots support is needed to encourage
President-Elect Obama
to nominate a Secretary who will bring sustainable change to the United
Department of Agriculture.

A grassroots effort has taken flight.

We invite you to JOIN US in this grassroots effort by signing this live
letter <_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/_> advocating
a Sustainable Choice for the next Secretary of Agriculture.

Current signers to this letter
<_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/signers. html_> include Rick Bayless,
Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry,
Marion Nestle, Bill McKibben, Wes Jackson, Catherine Sneed and Alice Waters
among many others.

Please join them by once again casting your vote for change by supporting a
Sustainable Choice for our next Secretary of Agriculture.

Help make this type of change possible by signing this letter. Our work
has only begun.

PLEASE SIGN <_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/_> this letter at:
_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org_ <_http://www.fooddemo cracynow. org/_>

And then FORWARD to all your friends.

As you may know this effort has appeared in numerous blogs, including
Grist <_http://gristmill. grist.org/ story/2008/ 12/4/145754/ 222_> , Salon
<_http://www.salon. com/politics/ war_room/ 2008/12/05/ ag_secretary/ index.html_>
in the New York Times online
<_http://dinersjourna l.blogs.nytimes. com/2008/ 12/04/foodies- make-a-pitch- to-obama/ ?hp_>

_http://dinersjourna l.blogs.nytimes. com/2008/ 12/04/foodies- make-a-pitch- to-obama/ ?hp
We thank you for joining this grassroots effort!

Dave Murphy
Clear Lake, Iowa

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