We had a great turnout with friends and members for our first community meet and greet at the Earth Fare in Ballantyne.

We were updated by Michaele Fitzpatrick on the local Edible Schoolyard initiatives. There is going to be a PTA dinner on the 28th of February which they are trying to help either prepare or afterwards have some hands on activities for the little ones. Amy Hayes also chimed in on the gardening plots and how we are going to need multiple work efforts to get everything started and slowly expand over the duration of the project. So if you are interested in giving some time, get in touch with the group

There was a lot of idea talk on things we can do at future meetups (and events) including seed starting/education, beer processing, wine-grape planting, vinyard visits, and more chef cooking classes. If you have more good ideas please bring them up, or start a new thread for discussion. As a member run group the only limitation is how you want to participate or take lead.

There was also a neat idea of starting a little greeting committee that welcomes new members and helps them get into the fold. If someone out there has some spare time and a great attitude welcoming new virtual and real members and plugging them in would be a great networking opportunity.

If you didn't have a chance to come we're going to do this on a monthly basis, same time, same place, so schedule it earlier and come meet some of the community members to discuss what you are doing, what we are doing, and see where we might work together more!

As those of you were there for the meeting find traction with your ideas please keep us posted so we can better form next months meeting.

A great big thanks to Paolo for being the magnet that has pulled us all together. With his pleasant accent and desire to do more we are.

See you next month!

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Edit: The PTA dinner is in February, not January, sorry for the confusion.
Yep. They've got the community room which makes it easy.
I would love to be involved in the Edible Schoolyard projects. How do i find out where my time or assistance is needed. I am a graphic designer and marketer, so as those are my talents, i would love to help this movement in anyway i can. I used to love gardening, but being from Los Angeles, there was not much opportunity for it.. :)

I am in the Ballantyne area, so would love to meet up when you guys have another meeting.

Hi Corey, I would talk to the leads over at the Edible Schoolyard Group for how they can best utilize you. There is always room for another pair of hands. :D


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