Doing some weeding in the garden and how did I miss it.. the ravagings of the horned caterpillar.

Oooooh! It made my blood boil. Half of my Cherokee tomatoes eaten. My entire Anaheim peppers gone.. Large fat, finger size, green caterpillars..

I fed a few to the local spider population and put the rest in compost. This years wasp population must be down around the home as none of the 7 some caterpillars were seeded at all.

...sigh... My vigilance will be better!


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I guess you never knew you were providing a four-star restaurant for those little buggars! Well, the only thing I can say to really remove them would be to do it by hand....and that's a task (plus, I don't like touching them). There is an organic spray that is supposed to get rid of them--but I can't remember the name of it. Sorry that they used your tomatoes and peppers as their own personal smorgasboard.
Thanks Lisa, I removed about 8 of them and none have shown up since then. The plants are recovering and I'm guessing I'll have some beautiful tomatoes in the next couple weeks. With my peppers one hung on, maybe I'll dine on them yet! hehe!
You know, what's is so wonderful about gardening is how you have expressed your passion for it.
I am grateful for this evening's little shower. There will be no need to think about watering by hand for another few days. I am 56 years old and for the first time of my life, I have grown, prepared and eaten chard. The plants are pretty to look at. And they taste darn good.

I'm about to harvest 50+ cherokee tomatoes on the doorstep of harvest. I love the light rain we had. Plumped up my babies just right; any more and I think they'd start to split.


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