I'd like to encourage you all to try out Uwharrie Vineyards. Chad Andrews over there in Stanly County just off of Austin Road runs a great operation and produces some good wines. His facilities feature a tasting room and you can get a tour of the processing plant.

I buy more of his wine than any other year to year. In fact, its almost become tradition on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to stop at Laughing Owl Farm to pick up my fresh turkey and eggs and then swing by Uwharrie Vineyards to pick up a few cases of wine for the holidays to be consumed and given away as gifts.

I can especially recommend the Magnolia as a local favorite. As soon as you smell it, you'll remember the scupernog vine in your grandparents (and hopefully your) backyard. The wines do run on the sweet side, but we do greatly enjoy them.

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thanks for the information I will try to get to this vineyard soon!
The winery was great We brought home 6 bottles and plan to go back! Dennis Winery is a few miles away from Uwharrie!
i used to have an annual "passport weekend" in Napa/Sonoma when i live at home, since being here in Charlotte, i started a weekend in Yadkin Valley annual trip with friends i made here and found some great wineries.. Rag Apple Lassie had some nice selections.. i will give your recommendation a try.. i was iffy about NC wines, but they are quite nice.. :) I am a believer... yummy
Grassy Creek up in Elkin is also pretty good. The reds run from good to decent but the chardoonay has a nice buttery, oak flavor. If you like that type of white, then you should try it.


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