Dear friends,

I have been thinking for sometime that it would be great if we had the chance to get together more often, in order to have more opportunities to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and have fun!

I was at Earth Fare (Ballantyne area) this afternoon and talked to Genie, who is the Community Coordinator there. She was extremely nice and told me that, since we share the same philosophy, we can have their community room once a month to meet.
That is: free of charge!

I think it would work out great if we had a day and a time when anyone can simply show up and bring friends/family too. Their internal restaurant is pretty good and the ingredients they use are healthy, which would add the chance, if we want, to share a slow food meal together.

The room is not huge, but big enough to have lectures/ slide shows, so it would allow us to host speakers/classes/events on regular basis!

As you can imagine the availability is limited, so I am working with Genie to set a day that would fit everyone. What do you think of every 4th Wednesday of the month, starting with: Wednesday January 23rd at 7PM?

Looking forward to hear from you!

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Great idea Paolo! Looking forward to getting to know some of the SFC members! I'll be there!
I, too, look forward to meeting other SF members. Thanks, Paolo. I look forward to seeing everyone tonight!
You might be a bit more aware of local news than I am, but I just heard today about the water main break on Johnston by Earth Fare. I guess the one Northbound lane remains closed, so allow a bit extra time if going that way!
See you all tonight!


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